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A Wild Agdael appears!
After 6 months of unemployment, my husband finally got an offer. It is a GREAT job, in an office, doing office stuff, full time, $13/hour, benefits. On top of that, the boss WANTS my husband there. The job was starting at $12 and the boss raised it to $13 just to get him to say yes. Of course my husband wants it.

The only problem is that it's 200 miles away. Thats way too far to commute. We will have to move. I am ok with moving. Its a nice town with nice people. It just costs money to move.

So we are in a motel right now. Weekly $300. His parents paid for this first week.

We also found an apartment (which we only saw yesterday. Its not guaranteed yet. $650 a month. $650 deposit. Well with the first pay check we can afford ONE of those. Called up his parents and said "hey we looked at an apartment, wanted to let you know. Would you be willing to pay the deposit instead of paying for a hotel every week?"

I dont know how this isnt logical. $300 every week comes out to $1200 a month. Paying a $650 deposit sounds like a reasonable alternative right? No they pretty much freaked out at him over texts last night, telling him its too soon to be thinking about moving.

Make sense...
In ANYONE'S mind...

The alternative to NOT getting this apartment, NOT staying in this hotel, NOT keeping this job, is homelessness. By taking this job, my husband is no longer eligible for unemployment benefits from his last job. He can NOT get on unemployment at all from any job until he makes like $5000 or more (basically the governments way of making sure people dont just get a job and leave quickly to live off of unemployment). And even after he makes $5000 at this job (which will take 2.5 months btw) leaving willfully (not being fired) makes him ineligible for unemployment benefits. That means no income at all, and still having to pay for bills and rent on our old place.

So just to break all the math down (you can ignore this if you want dear readers)
Staying in the hotel long enough to qualify for unemployment should he be fired =$3,000 for the room + ($500x2.5) rent in Cheyenne + lets say ($50 in gas X 2.5) + ($200 x 2.5) in food since we cant cook in a hotel room = $4,875 AT LEAST. Thats not including credit cards, clothing should we need it, laundry which will need done, extra gas should we need to return to Cheyenne (and we will need to), internet should we return to Cheyenne, etc.

OR (going with the same general time period here)

Getting this apartment = ($650 first month rent X 2.5) + $650 deposit + cost of moving over estimating at $200 + gas for two cars at $1,400 + cost of food at ($50 x2.5) = $4,000. Still not including credit cards, laundry will be taken care of, and we wont need to go back to cheyenne.

That is $1000 less.

Full time at $13/hour is about $2000/month BEFORE taxes. The only way we could do it on our own is if the landlord is really nice and lets us postpone the deposit for a month or more, AND we get a little help.

So just hypothetically, if you had promised to help your child and his wife get set up in a new town where there is a great and promising career ahead of him, would you rather be helping him stay in a crappy motel for $3,000, or would you rather pay a $650 deposit and let them figure the rest out?

Just as a reminder $3000 > $650.

So yeah I just dont see how his parents can even get mad about this. I dont get how they cant understand this.
How are we NOT doing the responsible thing? We wouldnt have DONE THIS if they had not promised to help. We were sitting in the bedroom with me crying and freaking out saying "dont do it, we cant afford it. We just have to hope for a good job here to hire you" and then he called his parents who promised to help.

If they hadnt told him "yes do it" he would still be ok on unemployment. It sucks not having a job, but it sucks not having a job AND not getting unemployment more...which is what we are stuck facing now. We wouldnt have spent so much money driving here, on food, on small things we need like razors and plastic forks...

Because his parents just said "I dont want to" (and trust me, they CAN help. If they arent its because they dont want to) we are faced with the idea of being homeless. Im running over all the items in the apartment in cheyenne that we could sell: The bed, the dresser, the book cases, the desks, the couch (maybe), the dishes...... anything we could get rid of to have something to put into savings while we look for more work from my mothers couch. We dont have any money for storage, so the more we can get rid of the better.

We have two cars, but one of them is probably worth more if we sold it for scrap and it just happens to be my husbands car. Like HIS car. Very sentimental. He always said he would never sell it for less than he bought it for ($10,000) and its worth more like $1,000 maybe. It's also a Pontiac fiero, 2 seater, half trunk, when-you-sit-in-it-you-are-inside-the-ground-low kind of car. It isnt practical, and therefore selling our gas guzzling suburban would be out of the question.

Seriously though, someone tell me how on earth his parents cant see the logic in our math.
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